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In order to ensure your safety, every Broomees helper goes through a RT-PCR test and are sent to your home via a private cab.
At Aradhana Maid Service Agency, we take care of the process of finding and assisting in hiring of maids, cooks, daycare assistants and drivers depending on your needs and the timings which suit you. Visit Services to know more about us.
First, you need to submit your request by paying the registration fee and filling the job description form,once this is done the maids or the workers are lined up within 24 to 72 hrs at your convenience. We would be lining up to 3 most suitable candidates as per your job description form, if in case you are not able to select within the first three then we will send you two more candidates, but beyond that charges would be applicable.
Yes. Once you have selected the individual you could go for a trial period of 2 days to observe if the services rendered are satisfactory. If you find anything unsatisfactory during the trial period, then we will be happy to provide a replacement.
In case the worker leaves you in the middle of the month, then you need to pay him for the days he has worked for and place a request with us for replacement. If the request is within the contract period and terms, Aradhana Maid Service Agency would provide the necessary replacement for you within 24-72 Hrs.